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"We need to know from early on in life that pooping belongs to the human condition and sometimes it evades our control." Eddie Evans

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Poop Control Loss

Los Angeles Poop Cleanup - Eddie Evans - Biosafe - Insured - Bonded - Experienced

Los Angeles poop cleanup for all of Los Angeles County remains open and ready for your telephone call and all powers on all days. I clean after gross filth including biohazard cleanup following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and decomposition. Poop cleanup as well as other types of infectious waste found with gross filth and dwellings and businesses are among the jobs I do.

I also have Orange County poop cleanup services.

call for Los Angeles County poop cleanup estimate. Or, and come to your location and give you a quote for work to be done.

I guarantee my work and I guarantee my price. I asked for cleanup clients to e-mail me at my America Online e-mail address. Then I respond to their e-mail with my own comments and when I do, we have a contract for Los Angeles poop cleanup

Our Poop's Anonymity

Our poop remains anonymous no matter where we poop in Los Angeles County; I gave this thought careful consideration before writing it. Just recently while walking toward the corner of Wiltshire Blvd. and and Normandy, I could not help but notice a few large piles of unsightly poop lining a brick wall's base on the sidewalk. No matter where we poop in Los Angeles County, our poop remains anonymous to the naked eye.

I had just past 8th Street, which runs parallel to Wilshire. There three homeless men seated against a wall drank from a bottle inside a brown paper bag. Their bottles contents remain anonymous.

As I reached the three piles of poop we cannot help notice they were fresh. The sun is been up for about 20 min. Putting two and two together I came up with three. It didn't take much to figure out who soiled the sidewalk with their poop. If I was in the poop policing business I could have arrested these, but my evidence was completely circumstantial. Without a DNA test showing that feces would lead to the culprit. I never want to be homeless, for certain.

I wouldn't want to in anybody's freedom on their lack of freedom somewhere decent. Los Angeles has thousands of homeless people without places poop and privacy. As a result cleanup continues at nature space, the city's power washer space, and gardeners who take the time to cleanup this unsightly. From history books we learn that poop is littered public streets for 100 years. Mighty city of Angels remains no different than other cities. It streets soiled with anonymous poop remains forever absent an owner.

Now it's time for some serious questions. Will and can poop house Ebola virus in the open air? We do not know. If it does in Los Angeles County poop cleanup the trolls and somehow become infected by a bullet while doing poop cleanup, it seems like were doing. So fighting Ebola now becomes a matter of getting the homeless off the streets and protected so that they can do their poop cleanup and privacy.

Teaching Poop Awareness in Los Angeles County


We need to know from early on in life that pooping belongs to the human condition. (return)


Composition of Human Poop

Chambermaids do not remove our honey pots for these reasons:

  • Few of us can afford chambermaids. The Koch brothers and Ruport Murdoch control our media and they have chambermaids.
  • Technology brought a pseudo chambermaid into our homes as toilets.
  • Our feces now goes into controlled sewage treatment facilities in most cases.

Chambermaids do not remove our honey pots - - feces any longer, except for the Koch brothers and their ruling class friends.

Poop Odors

It's basically methane and your last meal.

Yes, it has an odor much like sulfur because it contain a high percentage of sulfur. This odor may take on an odor characteristic with some illnesses.

Like other physiological odors, diet has a big influence on poop's odors. Meat eaters stand out in public restrooms. Need a sample? Next time that you're on the road for hours at a time, stop by a large truck stop. With any luck its ventilation needs upgrading if it works at all. Some truck stops like the Travel Authority leave the door out of the restroom's design so air from outside the restroom ventilates well.

Methyl sulfides
methylmercaptan/methanethiol (MM)
dimethyl sulfide (DMS)
dimethyl trisulfide (DMTS)
dimethyl disulfide (DMDS)
Benzopyrrole volatiles
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) holds the crown for the most common volatile sulfur compound in poop. The odor of poop may increase with certain illnesses. These include the following:

Celiac disease
Crohn's disease
Ulcerative colitis.
Chronic pancreatitis
Cystic fibrosis

Intestinal infection, (return to diarrhea or odor)

Short bowel syndrome

Pig farms spend a fortune trying to reduce poop odors and poop cleanup costs. Biting deeply into corporate farming's profit margin, CEO's work to have pig poop odors reduces for the sake of workers' moral and local neighbors. The pigs' poop odors carry for miles on a strong wind.


Metabolic Waste




Curing Deadly Diarrhea

We know from personal experience that diarrhea kills. It nearly killed me about 12 years ago. As a result of my condition a quick trip to the hospital slowly unfolded. On day three I knew that I had reached a turning point. My wife stood by me, ready to drive me to the hospital. I made it to the driveway and went down. Paramedics completed the the trip with me.

While in the emergency room, I watched a blood pressure monitor reflect my blood pressure's dive south. The emergency room doctor had not responded to his beeper or hospital searches. Finally, when he did arrive, my blood pressure slowly dropped lower to 24/18.

So he saves my life, tardy and all. He knew his stuff. Once advised that diarrhea for 3 days had proceeded my trip to his emergency room, diarrhea truncated by my lack of fluids, my young doctor proceeded to give orders and clearly so.

Dr. Smith, definitely in charge with command presence, quickly, deliberately and bluntly ordered a series of actions. The previously installed IV drip became the means of injecting glucose and water. My blood pressure began to climb steadily until hit hit Bingo!

Here's where this trip became dicey. A very young nurse inserted a tube into my pee-pee. I had no real discomfort to note beyond feeling the insertion. I remained over night and went home.

To my surprise, and every day since, I'm condemned to urinate every 90 minutes at night. I have not a a full night's sleep since. I will not have a full nights sleep again, and it's not my prostate.

The point? Had I not encountered diarrhea and a trip to the hospital, I believe, I would sleep at night. Instead, I'm at extreme risk for stroke or sudden death by heart attack. I prefer the latter.

For 3 days my feces leaking from my inconsequential sphincter muscles lead to a near-death experience. Feces loss under normal conditions means little to most of us. When it comes to a 3 day activity, it can take lives and does.

Simply returning my electrolytes, glucose, and fluids to a normal level saved my life. In a third world country I would not have made it.

We know from years of science and diarrhea deaths around the world that friendly and unfriendly bacteria cause disease. Known as germs, these bacteria have weird names like C. difficile. So far in science history this tiny monster kills tens of thousands of human beings every year, mostly those not yet 5 years old. Sociologists say that some records show a kill rate of 500,000 each year.

We know from experience that our immune system creates countermeasures to C. difficile's deadly manners. Of course, we need some sort of decent health and physical strength to survive an onset of feces loss during diarrhea. Having practiced feces cleanup on many crime scene cleanup jobs, I know that natural deaths as a result of diarrhea could have turned out otherwise. It's those unattended deaths experienced by the elderly that often send the merchant of death to their door.

Our stomach flora look like toy- structures in their cellular membranes. We know that a "super-probiotic" poop enhancer creates healthy feces. This becomes important for those of us anxious to avoid our own feces cleanup. A simple injection of these happy-go-lucky microorganisms promises a more friendly stomach environment for foods digestion into proper feces.

Now, we have a lead on controlling these conditions by increasing failed stomach flora, friendly feces bacteria, with toy-like structures. The size of microorganisms, medical researchers designed. Robo-gut to create a ‘super-probiotic’ stool substitute. (return)


Ruling Class Poop Cleanup


Poop Cleanup Fees

Like any other free enterprise business, my poop cleanup business reflects the cost of doing business. Internet marketing costs thousands of dollars every year. Vehicles cost money. Insurance for vehicles and business insurance cost thousands of dollars. Then there's the maintenance, gas, oil changes, tires, and more.


Los Angeles County residents will be happy to know that this poop cleanup web page supports my web site, in part.


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